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Recommended Hardware -iOS Devices

iPhone vs iPad

We recommend using the iPhone 11, 12 or 13 for the 360 (Slo Mo). The reason is that the iPhone has the 120fps frame rate available. The iPad does not have that option. So we generally recommend using the iPad for the sharing station. Another advantage of using the iPhone is that the iPhone has a sim card slot available by default. So you can easily add a sim card to get internet on your device.

Compatible iPhones (because they have an ultra-wide lens)

iPhone 11 (Any Model)

iPhone 12 (Any Model)

iPhone 13 (Any Model)

Compatible iPads for sharing station

These iPads are compatible as a sharing station:

iPad Air (3rd generation)

iPad Air (4th generation)

iPad Pro (recommended, all models)


Any Ipad running ios 14 and above will work with Touchpix. For the best quality and speeds we recommend certain hardware.

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