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Touchpix is an advanced photo booth, slomo booth, video booth, boomerang booth and gif booth app for iPhone and iPad. Stream your session or a slideshow from your iOS device to your TV. The app can be used to setup custom installation, like a 360 spinner, autonomous photo booth, event roamer and a lot more. The web interface enable you to easily manage event remotely.

Slomo (240 fps) 

Face trigger

Sharing station

Brandable screens

More features than any app

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Quick and easy setup

Manage event settings on one page

Setup your event in advance with our online event manager. Easily add new events, manage existing settings and add a template with the designer. Refresh the event on your iPhone or iPad and the settings are changed. 

QR code protection

Touchpix uses QR codes to easily activate a specific event. You don’t have to go through a long list of events to select the one you want to activate. Show the QR code to the device that you use to load the settings.

Integrated print designer

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