Touchpix: Elevate Your Photo Booth Experience

15 Aug 2023

🎁 All-Inclusive Experience
When you get Touchpix, you truly get the best. We don’t believe in upselling you on features. One price, and everything is yours to explore, from our groundbreaking AI effects to an extensive built-in designer.

🎥 The First to Connect GoPros to iOS Devices – Wired!
At Touchpix, we pride ourselves on leading the way in innovation. We were the first to offer a wired connection between GoPros and iOS devices. Whether you’re using a 360 video booth or a conventional photo booth, our app caters seamlessly to both. Experience the thrill of the 360 video booth as a camera swings around you, creating an engaging social media clip that stands out.

🤖 AI-Powered Photo Effects
Why settle for the ordinary when you can transform your pictures into extraordinary? Step into the world of Barbie or morph into your favorite game character. Our AI effects bring an unparalleled level of fun and creativity to your fingertips.

🏞 Revolutionary Background Removal and Replacement
Backgrounds can make or break a picture. With Touchpix, you don’t just get a basic removal tool; you get the power to choose your backdrop. Whether you select one of our AI-generated backgrounds or upload your very own, the world (or any world!) is literally your backdrop.

🎨 An In-Built Designer Like No Other
We understand the importance of the perfect overlay. With more than 300 designs in 5 distinct sizes, customize your results to resonate with your unique style. Add that flair, that pop, that unmistakable YOU-ness to your creations.

📷 Broad Compatibility
Our dedication to accessibility means you’re not limited by device choices. From GoPros to several DSLRs, and of course, the iOS device cameras – Touchpix has got you covered. And yes, whether you’re an Android enthusiast or an iOS loyalist, we cater to both.

🌟 Final Thoughts
In the rapidly evolving landscape of photo and video editing, Touchpix isn’t just another app; it’s a revolution. It’s the bridge between your creative visions and reality. Join the movement.