Touchpix combines the power of an online photo template editor and event manager with a feature rich photobooth app.

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Photo booth (15 templates)

Create a still photo with an overlay of your choosing. We have more than 15 templates for you to choose from.

Guests can customize, print and share their picture.

Slomo booth (3 templates)

Ever seen your laugh in super slomo? With the Touchpix software you can slow down the camera to super slomo (240 fps – external iPhone/iPad). Or slow down the front camera footage as much as you like. The visitors can immediately edit which part they want to slow down.

Boomerang booth (3 templates)

Our boomerangs are not a couple pictures stiched together. Your guests can take a video and our Touchpix software automatically changes this to the smoothest boomerang you will ever see.

Gif + photo booth (3+15 templates)

Do you want to create an animated result and a printed result? That’s possible with the animated gif function. It links multiple images together to create a shareable gif and you can choose a picture to print. How awesome is that?

Video booth (3 templates)

This function makes it possible to create a video guestbook. You can add a microphone for more focused recording. In the settings you can set the recording time and guest can manually stop the video for a perfect user experience.


Custom text message (SMS)

Your guest can immediately share pictures, gifs or else via text message. In our Touchpix event creator you can customize the text that the guest will receive with their image/video link.

Custom email

Your guest can immediately share the created content using email. In our Touchpix event creator, you can fully customize the email title and body text that your guest will receive.

Brandable webgallery

All the images will be uploaded live to the Touchpix platform. From this website you can download all the images and share the webgallery. You can customize the web gallery for more marketing value.

Email/SMS queuing

Sharing even works without internet. Once you reconnect the device after the event to the internet, the images will automatically be send.

Marketing and Analytics

Fully customizable photobooth

Go from a boring standard app to a fully branded photo booth! In Touchpix you can fully brand the look of the photobooth

  • Add a company name (sms/email)
  • Add a company logo (sharing station/thank you screen)
  • Add a custom video/photo background
  • Change the text and the button color.
  • The app will be colorized by the chosen background and button colors
Attract video screen and background

Increase the marketing value of the photo booth by adding an attract screen. A (marketing) video will always be playing on the screen of the photo booth. Once you tap the screen all the photo booth functions will appear.

This video can also be played on the background of the photo booth.

Animated overlays

Create an animated overlay for maximum impact of your photobooth on social media.

Survey with 5 answer types

Create a survey for your visitors. The entered data can be viewed in your account after closing the event.

Data capturing + export

Touchpix tracks the information that is used to share the images. These emails, names and phone numbers can be used for marketing purposed and competitions. Easily export the tracked data in a Excel compatible spreadsheet.

Prints to any printer

Prints over wifi or cable

With Touchpix you have the possibility to print wired and wireless on any computer enabled printer or Airprint printer.

Windows print server

Use the Windows print server to print to any printer. The app and the print server are perfectly in sync. You can select the printer and paper size from the Touchix app.

Use the print server software to print wired or even wireless. And don’t worry, the setup is done in seconds. We recommend to use the app with the 4×6″ (10x15cm) print size.

Mac Airprint compatible

Use Airprint to print to a Mac computer. You can use Printopia to use any printer as Airprinter.

Set margins for the perfect print

Sometimes small things can be big for a customer. Use the margin function for a perfectly aligned photo print to create the best end result.

Unique features

Dedicated sharing station (no wifi needed)

Make your photobooth a dedicated sharing station. With this function you can use an iPhone or iPad to create content. The photos/videos are send to the main iPad where you can print, edit and share them. This works over Airdrop, which does not need a router to work.

With this feature you can use the front and back camera of your iPhone to create even better content.

Face detection auto trigger

With this feature the photo booth automatically makes a picture when it detects a face. It is possible to show a video before the picture is taken and you can change the time it waits to take a picture.

Guest do not have to start the photo booth themselves and this creates all kind of creative marketing possibilities.

Motion trigger (spinbooths)

Use the Touchpix app for a Spinner booth/360 booth. The app detects when the spinner starts to move, and triggers the enabled function. You can choose to let the guest share the footage on the device or use a second device to act as sharing station.

Slowmotion video (240fps) + editing

With the Touchpix software you can make a stunning slow motion video. Your guest records a slomo video and can edit which part they want to slow down.

When this option is combined with an iPhone as recording device, you can even make super-slow motion videos (240fps).

Fun and convenient

Face tracking props

Visitors can add custom props to their face. Yes, every face can have a different prop. You can select from a range of face props set in the online event setup. 

Digital stickers

Visitors can add digital stickers to the picture(s) for an extra fun end result. The app contains a default set of more than 100 stickers.

Beauty filter

Visitors can apply a beauty filter to their face and control the intensity of it. Everyone wants to look good.

Portrait or landscape

The Touchpix app is optimized for vertical and horizontal use. This increases your flexibility in using the app.

QR code protection

Use the event QR code to enter the settings or activate the sharing station. The visitors cannot change event settings. That’s wat you want, especially for long term installs.

Online integration

Online event creator

Set up your event online, anytime you want.

Here you can control almost every part of the photo booth, functions, add-ons and more. It is also possible to change an event, once it’s created. Your event is protected with a password.

Activate your event with a qr code

When the perfect set-up is created, getting your photo booth ready to go is a breeze.

Tap ‘scan QR’ and scan the code. The app will setup the event in seconds and all the settings will automatically be applied.

You don’t have to change any setting on the app yourself.

Online template designer

With our integrated template designer you can make any design you want. You can choose a temple, change text, add colours, add logo’s ect.

You can even let your client make their own designs. Once the design is ready, you can easily add it to your event.

The designer is already filled with great backgrounds, fonts and stickers, but of course it’s also possible to add your own designs.

Create your own event presets

Do you want to use the event more often? Create an event preset. This way you can create a copy of the event just by changing the name. Efficiency for the win.

Create your own design presets

You can also make a preset for your photo/gif/video design by creating a design-preset in the designer. You can easily change the elements and text later and save it in your account.

What I like most about this app is that it is so easy to set up. You create all the settings on your computer and you activate the event super conveniently with a qr-code.


This app is amazing. It is so full with features that everyone should use this app. The support is very personal and they reply quickly


Great work Touchpix. I have used your app for three events so far and it worked flawless. The price is very reasonable to me. Keep up the good work!

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