Enhancing Your Security with Touchpix’s Latest Update

16 Jan 2024

Blog Title: Enhancing Your Security with Touchpix’s Latest Update Hello Touchpix Community, We are excited to share some updates to our terms and conditions that reflect our ongoing commitment to your security and experience with our services. 1. Enhanced Security for Your Photos and Videos First and foremost, we’ve upgraded our handling of the original[…] Read more →

Touchpix: Elevate Your Photo Booth Experience

15 Aug 2023

🎁 All-Inclusive ExperienceWhen you get Touchpix, you truly get the best. We don’t believe in upselling you on features. One price, and everything is yours to explore, from our groundbreaking AI effects to an extensive built-in designer. 🎥 The First to Connect GoPros to iOS Devices – Wired!At Touchpix, we pride ourselves on leading the[…] Read more →

Let’s talk Touchpix designer

06 Jun 2023

Hello Touchpix family! Let’s talk Touchpix’s Designer! Provided below are some resources available to you that can assist in navigating Touchpix’s Designer platform: [English] Webinar on Designer: Tutorial on “Photo Booth & Overlay Design”: Tutorial on “Setting up your first event” (including a section on designer use): [English] Tutorial on “Custom templates[…] Read more →

Touchpix’s Jukebox feature! 🎶

24 Oct 2022

Hey Touchpix family— We’re going to focus on of the more requested topics that we notice our customers ask about and their clients demand from them. Whether you need to add another song to an event, or the clients themselves want to have you providing multiple songs to their event, we’ve got you covered with[…] Read more →

July Update: Wired GoPro Connection

15 Jul 2022

Here at Touchpix, we’re always trying to implement new features and capabilities for our app, which is why we’re the first dedicated 360 photo booth app now allowing for GoPro Hero 10 compatibility with a wire! But why use a wire for your GoPro Hero 10 other than doing it wirelessly? It might sound like[…] Read more →