360 spinner platform - shopping guide

One of the recent trends in the photo booth industry is the 360 spinner with a platform. An iPhone or a Gopro on an arm spins around visitors on the platform and creates slow motion footage with cool effects and a sound track. But, where do you begin? Here is a shopping guide. 

Purchase a spinner


This is a a 360 spinner that you can manually spin around with a rectangular platform. It’s a company called Spincam. You can contact the owner to get more information. His name is Eddy Barber and phone number is 818-640-7775.

Atlanta Photo Booth

This company sells the only battery operated motorized 360 spinners and is based in the US. Find more information here: https://atlantaphotobooth.com/venue-360/

Revospin / Spinpix360

Revospin and Spinpix360 sells a spinner with a round platform that you can manually spin. Contact them through their website to get more information: https://revospin.com/ and https://spinpix360.com


This company based in Russia sells a motorized 360 spinner. You can find more information about their spinners on https://www.selfiebox96.com/


This UK based company sells motorized 360 spinners. Find more information about their product here: https://www.360videobooth.me/


This US based company sells several models of motorized 360 spinners. Find more information about their product here: https://orcavue.com/purchases-international/


This China based company sells a 360 spinner with a large platform. Find more information about their product here: https://www.ebayartech.com/shop/360-photo-booth/

Linch Display

This company is also based in China. They sell a motorized spinner. Find more information about their product on https://linchdisplay.net

Dzen Tech

This company is also based in Russia. They sell a motorized spinner. Find more information about their product on https://www.dzentech.store/

SlowGo 360

SlowGo is a US based company that sells a motorized spinner that has no platform. That is why they can sell their 360 spinner in the US. Send them a message on their website: http://slowgo360.com/

Gyro 360

This company based in Spain sells a motorized spinner. Find more information on https://3vents.eu/tienda/gyro-360-photo-booth/?lang=en


iPhone 11 (Pro Max) or the GoPro Hero 7/8

The fastest way to create a 360 setup is to use an iPhone 11/12 with Touchpix. You can also use a GoPro Hero 7/8 that can be controlled by an iPad with Touchpix.

Ulanzi U-200 & Neewer H-Type Flash Bracket

You can use this ring light with an integrated power bank to provide light and power for your device. Make sure you purchase swivel adapter so you can tilt your ring light up and down. 

Background information

We get a lot of questions from customers how we have build our own 360 spinner. That’s why we decided to make a shopping list and instruction tutorial. We have listed all 360 spinner vendors that we know. We also listed some mounting and lighting accessoires.

There are motorized and non-motorized spinners. You can get them from a variety of vendors. But because there is a US patent on the motorized platform 360 from a company called Orcavue, you won’t find that many motorized platform spinners in the US.

There are some manual spinners that you can buy. For motorized platform spinners, there is one vendor that we know of that has a motorized 360 spinner that does not infringe on the patent. All vendors that are listed here have a track record in selling reliable 360 spinners.

360 spinner setup with an iPhone and Touchpix

Created with an iphone 11 and Touchpix