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This Print Server makes printing from the Touchpix app easy. This exact type of print server is used in 150+ booths for several years in combination with Touchpix. So it has been event tested and is proven to be a reliable print solution.

  1. Connect the USB-C to Lightning cable from the Print Server to the iOS device.
  2. Connect USB cable from the Print Server to the printer (not included).
  3. Plug in the Print Server power adapter.
  4. Start the Touchpix app and start printing.
Fast charge your iPhone 8-11 and iPad Pro with a USB-C to Lightning Cable (not included) using this Print Server. EU/US adapter included

$1,200.00 / year

– Create an unlimited number of White label events. Send the QR code of the event to anyone with an iPad or iPhone with the Touchpix app. They will be able to activate the White label events, without the need of a subscription. – This license will enable you to use all powerful features of [...]