Touchpix App - tablet and phone
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Touchpix is a advanced and easy-to-use photo, video, boomerang, gif booth app for iPhone and iPad.
It is event-ready in 10 minutes. No external programs needed.

Touchpix App - tablet and phone

Slomo (240 fps) 

Face trigger

Regular package

Remote controlled

White label package

Brandable screens

More features than any app:

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Quick and easy setup

Setup your event online 

Say goodbye to changing settings just before a stressful event!
With our software you fill in all your settings online any time you want. You can preview your event and change it as often as you want.

Scan the QR code on your iOS device

Once you created the perfect event the only thing you have to do on your iOS device is to scan the QR code. Our app will automatically apply all the right settings.

Integrated print designer

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