Let’s talk Touchpix designer

06 Jun 2023
Hello Touchpix family! 👋 Let’s talk Touchpix’s Designer! Provided below are some resources available to you that can assist in navigating Touchpix’s Designer platform:
🔸[English] Webinar on Designer: https://youtu.be/y3turrjNwGg
🔸Tutorial on “Photo Booth & Overlay Design”: https://youtu.be/abvEntWrad8
🔸Tutorial on “Setting up your first event” (including a section on designer use): https://youtu.be/mnvNmdYvW7w
🔸[English] Tutorial on “Custom templates with custom placeholders”: https://youtu.be/pEYLWFSPzNU
🔸Tutorial on “Creating an Overlay in 1-min.”: https://youtu.be/Q30AatNoPO8 (the interface has changed slightly but the general process is the same).
🔸Photo Booth tutorial that also shows how to upload overlays to different features in the designer: https://youtu.be/ZfzUpemA904
♥️ Touchpix’s designer also has an awesome design library. Within the design library there are over 150 customizable overlay templates all available for free! 🤩 This includes various theme categories such as July 4th 🇺🇸 💥
If you require more assistance please see support resources below:
💬 24/7 Chat Support — You may contact Touchpix’s 24/7 Chat Support via Touchpix.com. (Support is currently available in English, Spanish & Portuguese) — 🚨 We no longer provide phone or WhatsApp support services.
💻 One-on-one Live Support Sessions — You can schedule your one-on-one here: Touchpix.com/meet