Tutorial: set up a 360 spinner event using an iPhone 11 and iPad 12.9″ 

360 spinners are exciting and new. That is why we made Touchpix work with a 360 spinner. And it’s perfect. The motion trigger automatically triggers the Slow Motion session on the iPhone 11. The wide angle lens for recording is as wide as a GoPro. The 240 fps slomo footage is really, really slow. Even a DSLR camera has a hard time doing that kind of slow motion video. And the quality of the footage is quite good. The iPhone sends the footage to the iPad, which is set up as sharing station. The wireless connection between the iPhone and iPad is not interfering with the wifi connection of the iPad. That’s why visitors of the booth can share their footage on site. We were at an Apres Ski party with the 360 spinner. Let us tell you exactly how we did that.

iPhone (Sender)

The iPhone is mounted on top of the arm of the spinner. It uses the wide angle lens on the back of the camera. That lens is pointed at the visitors on the platform.

  1. Browser // Go to the ‘create event‘ page
  2. Browser // Name the event
  3. Browser // Go to ‘time outs’ and set them all to ‘0’
  4. Browser // Go down to the trigger section. Enable ‘custom trigger’ and select ‘motion trigger’ in the ‘trigger type’ menu.
  5. Click ‘submit’ to create the QR code.
  6. Touchpix on iPhone // Tap the yellow button ‘Activate event’ and scan the QR code.
  7. Touchpix on iPhone // Tap the ‘hamburger’ menu icon.
  8. Touchpix on iPhone // Tap ‘camera settings’.
  9. Touchpix on iPhone // Set the lens to ‘Wide angle’.
  10. Touchpix on iPhone // Set the exposure to ‘Auto face exposure’.

iPad (Receiver)

The iPad is mounted in a holder. So visitors can easily access it. The iPad will be in the in-app gallery, so people can share the end result instantly by SMS and email.

  1. Browser // Go to the ‘create event‘ page
  2. Browser // Name the event to something like ‘iPad your-event-name”.
  3. Browser // Go down the sharing section. Make sure that email and SMS is enabled for sharing.
  4. Browser // Submit to create the event QR code.
  5. Touchpix on iPad // Scan the QR with Touchpix app by tapping the ‘Activate event’ button.
  6. Touchpix on iPad // Go into the ‘Gallery’ and tap on the upper left corner (S icon).
  7. Touchpix on iPad // Set it to receiver.

Disclaimer: if you are sending out slow motion files you need good internet speed. You can check your connection using this link: https://speedtest.com We prefer that you have a 10 Mbit per second upload speed or more to send out files during the event. If you do not have good upload speed, disable wifi and send out the files later by closing the event.

Note: the mp4 compression is quite heavy. In the current version of the Touchpix app the video compression is decreased for a better end result.

Connecting the two

You are almost there!

  1. Touchpix on iPhone // Tap ‘Gallery’.
  2. Touchpix on iPhone // Tap the S icon in the upper left corner.
  3. Touchpix on iPhone // Set it to ‘Sender’.
  4. Touchpix on iPhone // Tap on the name of the iPad.
  5. Touchpix on iPhone // Go back to the main screen by tapping the X in the upper right corner.
  6. Touchpix on iPhone // Tap on ‘make slomo’ to enable the motion trigger.
  7. Spin it around to trigger a test session.

Make it your own

Add your own overlay and change the sms and email text.

  1. Browser // Go to the https://touchpix.com/my-account/events/
  2. Browser // Go to the event for the iPad and click on the ‘settings’ icon
  3. Browser // Click on ‘Edit event’
  4. Browser // Scroll down to the ‘Branding’
  5. Browser // Add a ‘App background’ (will be blurred)
  6. Browser // Add an ‘App logo’ (will be displayed on top of the sharing station)
  7. Browser // Change the sms and email text to your liking
  8. Touchpix on iPad // Tap on the ‘hamburger’ menu icon
  9. Touchpix on iPad // Tap on ‘Refresh event’



iPhone camera app:

iPad sharing station:


  • iPhone holder
  • Security cable for iPhone
  • 3 light stands
  • 2 rgb led spots
  • 1 softbox