iPad photo booth

This iOS app is used as iPad photo booth. Create your design with the designer in the online dashboard. Change the settings remotely when the iPad booth is out on an event. Customize the session, the template and a lot more. The users can share the photo or video on social media.

360 spinner

Touchpix is the perfect app for spinners. You can control a GoPro or use the iPhone. Connect it to an iPad with the build-in sharing station. The app can do effects, animated overlays, audio, intro videos, outro videos, everything you need for a 360 spinner. Give Touchpix a swing.

Make an impact on social media

* Touchpix for the external screen is compatible with iPhone 11 (Pro Max) and newer, iPad pro (cellular service recommended) and GoPro 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, DSLR / mirrorless cameras.

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The app can print to any printer that supports 6×4″, 6×6″ or 4×6″ prints. Printing can be done wired or wirelessly. 

Sharing station

The app can be set up as a sharing station for a 360 spinner, an iPad booth or your TV photo booth.

Stream a slideshow

Stream a slideshow from Touchpix to an Apple TV connected to a TV. The slideshow can be managed from the iPad or iPhone. 

Use iPhone, any GoPro or a DSLR camera

You can use all lenses that are available on your iPhone, iPad. You can even connect the GoPro to the Touchpix app. Being able to utilize the iPhone, iPad, DSLR and GoPro makes Touchpix the most versatile 360 tool on the market. 

Instant webgallery

Once your device is connected to the internet, all files and data are automatically uploaded to the cloud. It will instantly create a branded webgallery and data file to send to your client. You can easily download all files in with a single click or share the files by email.

Note: This option is temporaly unavailable for 4K files, due to their common very large weights.

Sharing station

You can send the files from the iPhone to an iPad sharing station without the need of a router. It uses a direct connection from the iPhone to the iPad. During that connection, it’s still possible for the iPad to remain connected to an external wifi router with internet.