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Design an Overlay for a 360 Booth

To create a good overlay in Touchpix you can use our built-in web designer. It supports 4K designs and automatically exports the video template design as overlays for all four ‘video’, ‘boomerang’, ‘animated GIF’, ‘slomo’ sessions. Additionally, it allows you to add multiple photo templates for either the ‘photo’ session or ‘animated GIF (photo)’ session.

You can open the designer by:

  1. Logging in to
  2. Head to the navigation bar and click on ‘Designer’. You’ll enter the Touchpix designer.

Visiting the Touchpix designer is also possible once you finish creating an event. The option will be available above the QR code.

Find here two videos that can help you with the design. If you’re in a hurry you can watch our “How to create a 360 photo booth overlay in a minute” or, if you prefer a detailed tutorial, visit our “Full Designer tutorial”: