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GoPro issue, it loads an older video file repeatedly

When the SD card or the iOS device storage is full, an older video will be processed over and over. This can also be caused by an older video file on the GoPro SD card, or the GoPro itself, with the wrong time date and time.

We recommend formatting the SD card in the GoPro and reconnecting the GoPro. Enable ‘Delete last GoPro file’ in the Touchpix camera settings to avoid this issue.

Format SD Card

  1. On the GoPro device, tap the screen to wake it up and swipe the screen from top to bottom. For GoPro 8 and newer only, swipe from right to left and tap on ‘Preferences’
  2. Scroll to the bottom and tap on ‘Reset’
  3. Tap ‘Format SD card’
  4. The device will empty the SD card

Delete last GoPro file

  1. Open Touchpix app on your device. Make sure you are in an active or test event
  2. Open the side menu and locate ESSENTIALS settings group
  3. Tap on ‘Camera’ option
  4. Select GoPro tab
  5. Toggle on ‘Delete the last GoPro file’ switch

Connect the GoPro to the device.