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How to update your Windows mirror booth

Touchpix software for mirror booths is designed to operate on Mac OS, necessitating the use of an Apple computer.

We advise acquiring a Mac mini, which represents the most cost-effective entry-level option currently available from Apple. Touchpix has been meticulously optimized to minimize memory and processor requirements. Consequently, we suggest considering the purchase of a refurbished or second-hand Mac Mini, ensuring it is capable of running Mac OS Sonoma(

Although Touchpix is compatible with any Apple computer, including MacBook and iMac, the most economical configuration involves using a Mac Mini.

To adapt your mirror to a Mac system, it is simply a matter of replacing the PC in your existing Windows-based mirror booth with a Mac. The remaining hardware is retained and utilized by the Mac. Make sure to include a USB hub to your setup to expand the amount of available USB ports. Occasionally, the touchscreen may not perform as anticipated on a Mac. To address this, we recommend consulting the following tutorial for comprehensive support: Touchscreen Support.

Upon purchasing your Mac computer, it is essential to ensure that all cables previously connected to your Windows PC are properly reconnected to the Mac.

Turn off the “Auto Turn Off” feature for your DSLR camera. This would prevent disconnections from the camera while your Mirror Booth is idle.

Printing Configuration:
Printing is seamlessly integrated within both Mac OS and Touchpix. To configure your printer, simply connect it to your Mac, then navigate to the Apple icon located in the top left corner of your screen. Select ‘System Settings’, proceed to ‘Printers’, and choose ‘Add Printer’. The Mac will automatically detect the printer and complete the setup process. Following this, Touchpix will be capable of printing using the configured printer.

For an optimized printing experience, it is recommended to establish a preset encompassing the desired paper size and other relevant settings. This adjustment will facilitate a more efficient printing process within Touchpix.

Should you encounter any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact our support team for further assistance.