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Touchscreen support

Touchpix is designed to be compatible with most touchscreens in the market. For Mac OS users wanting to utilize Touchpix, a screen rotation is required. Here’s how to easily adjust your Mac screen:

  1. Click the Apple icon in the top left corner of your screen.
  2. Navigate to System Preferences.
  3. Select Displays.
  4. Choose the option to rotate the display 90 degrees.

With the correct setup, your touchscreen should respond accurately to taps. However, if the touchscreen fails to recognize the rotation, you will need to use a driver

Mac OS’s generic touchscreen drivers may not support all touchscreens effectively. Our team has evaluated several solutions and found that Touch Base’s software significantly enhances compatibility with a wide range of touchscreens. To verify if your device is supported, use their identification tool available at:

This tool can identify the brand of your touchscreen. If you are unable to find or are unsure of your touchscreen’s brand, please select “I’m not sure” from the options.

Please complete the form and click ‘OK.’ After submission, the driver will be sent to your inbox within 10 minutes. It is recommended to install this driver to guarantee optimal performance. Ensure you follow all the installation steps and grant the necessary permissions. Failure to do so may result in a non-functional touchscreen, requiring you to repeat the installation process.

This method enhances the performance of Touchpix on Mac OS and ensures better integration with your touchscreen’s capabilities.


At times the screen might feel off in terms of precision. UPDD includes an application called UPDD Calibration which you can find under Finder -> Applications(or Launchpad from the Dock) -> Others