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Printpix – Sharing Box

The ‘Sharing Box’ module is built into the Printpix box and constitutes a new way of wired sharing the recordings and photos you’ve taken during your event. Your device sends the videos to the box and it distributes them.
When everything’s set up, a web gallery is built within the box allowing visitors to download the recordings directly from it.

Type of connections available to the box

The Printpix ‘Sharing Box’ supports both wireless-only and wired-only setups. On the wireless one, your device will connect to your box’s WiFi and send the files over there. In a similar manner, visitors will join the box’s WiFi and access the web gallery from where download their videos. The wired setup, however, can be basic or advanced.

Basic: You can connect your device wired to the box (using an ethernet cable). Visitors join the box’s WiFi access point to download the files.
Advanced: Additionally to the basic setup, visitors can also connect wired to the box to ensure the connection and increase their download speeds. This option involves the usage of an extra ethernet cable and adaptors. Get an ethernet cable and place an Ethernet-to-USB-C or Ethernet-to-Lightning adaptor to one end (where the visitors connect their device to). Then, place an Ethernet-to-USB-A adaptor on the other cable end, and connect it to one of the box’s USB ports.

How to connect it to Touchpix

First of all, you’ll need the Printpix box and Print server firmware version >= 1.16 to run the ‘Sharing Box’ module. Version 1.14 is the current reachable version with automatic updates for now, book a one-to-one meeting with us and one of our members will update the box manually for you. Once done:

  1. Power on your Printpix box.
  2. For a wireless configuration: Go to your device and join the ‘tp-printserver’ WiFi. The password is written on the box.
  3. For a wired configuration: Grab an ethernet cable, connect one end to the box’s ethernet port, and connect the other end to your device’s adaptor (a special hub with an ethernet port is required).
  4. Open the Touchpix app and activate an event.
  5. Tap on the upper-left corner followed by ‘Settings’.
  6. Use the upper left and right arrows to navigate to ‘3. Sharing box’.
  7. Enable the ‘Sharing Box’ toggle and tap on ‘Connect’. If the connection is successful the button will display ‘Disconnect’.

On that same page, you can explore some more capabilities:

  • Tap the ‘Manage Sharingbox’ button to customize your ‘Sharing Box’ settings (e.g., external WiFi connection). It will redirect you to the box server page.
  • If you wish to delete your current ‘Sharing Box’ gallery tap on ‘Delete content’.

After all the above steps, record a session with Touchpix. The file will be sent to the ‘Sharing Box’ and displayed on its web gallery. Connect to the box & visit the ‘’ address to reach it.

  • An Apple device such as iPhone or iPad.
  • A Printpix box (firmware >= 1.16) with its power cable and power supply.
  • Wireless setup: A wireless USB-A antenna for the Printpix box. The more powerful the antenna the further away you can set the box. Weak antennas work well in the 10-12 feet (3-4 meter) range.
  • Wired setup (basic): An ethernet cable and an ethernet-to-USB-A adaptor to share files from the recording device to the box. Visitors will connect wirelessly to it.
  • Wired setup (advanced): Extra ethernet-to-USB-A adaptors. An ethernet-to-USB-C hub or adaptor. An ethernet-to-lightning adaptor.


If visitors are unable to join the box’s web gallery, ask them to turn off their cellular data. If they attempt to join the box through cable, ask them to turn off their WiFi too.

If you are unable to connect to ‘Sharing Box’, we recommend power cycling it by removing the power from it. Does the problem persist? We recommend waiting for 1 or 2 minutes, then check your device IP while in a wired or wireless connection to the box. If the given IP starts with ‘192.168…’, visit the address ‘’ or ‘’ and update the firmware/factory reset your box.