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Scanpix – Touchpix Internet-Free Sharing

Scanpix is our internet-free solution for sharing during a photo booth session. This requires a wifi router that is able to create a local network (LAN).

  • An iPad, iPhone or Android device: as the recording/camera device.
  • A router: used for establishing the local network (LAN).
  • (Required for method 2 only) A second iPad, iPhone or Android device: as the Scanpix sharing station.


Method 1, Local Gallery

This method allows the device, within a WiFi network, to set up a local server where the event visitors can download their video files. The transfer speed will depend on the capabilities of the device and the router.

  1. Connect the iPhone, iPad or Android device to a WiFi network with internet access.
  2. Open the Touchpix app and activate your event. (Can’t find your QR code? Check the tutorial.)
  3. (Optional) Once activated, download the extra files for the TV session if required.
  4. If you’re using a different network for local sharing, go back to your WiFi settings and join that network. Switch back to Touchpix.
  5. (Recommended) If your network does not have internet access, turn off mobile data to prevent iOS from disconnecting WiFi and connecting to the internet through mobile data.
  6. Tap the menu icon on the upper left corner followed by tapping on ‘Settings’.
  7. Use the left and right arrows to navigate through the settings until reaching the Scanpix section.
  8. Enter all the input fields. It is mandatory to fill in the WiFi name and password fields.
  9. Scroll up and toggle on the ‘Activate Scanpix’ option. A green ‘WebServer running!’ phrase will show up.
  10. Scroll down and press ‘Generate QR code for local gallery’. Two QR codes will pop up.
  11. Close the Settings menu and wait until the Scanpix screensaver shows up with the two QR’s. One is for the network name and password, and the second is for accessing the local server where guests will download the files.

Note: Check the video below for more details. The ‘Activate Photo Limit’ will limit the amount of last files the guest can see. We recommend using the number ‘4’ if you are unsure what to choose. 

Method 2, Scanpix Sharing Station

This second method allows the set up of a sharing station on a second device, where the content of the local gallery of method 1 is displayed. It makes it easy for clients to quickly display and download videos via QR codes.

  1. Run steps 1 to 6 from ‘Method 1’ with one device.
  2. Scroll down and press ‘Generate QR code for Scanpix station’. A QR code will show up. Leave it there.
  3. Get a second device and open the Touchpix app.
  4. (Recommended) If your local network does not have internet access, turn off mobile data to prevent iOS from disconnecting the WiFi to connect to the internet using mobile data.
  5. Tap on ‘Sharing Station’ and, then, select ‘Scanpix’. Read and accept the alert message.
  6. Scan the QR code shown on the first device’s screen. You’ll enter the Scanpix sharing station main menu.
  7. You’ll be asked to join the WiFi network from the filled-in details in step 1. Join it.
  8. Tap on the ‘Gallery’ button (in the upper right corner).
  9. The Scanpix sharing station is now created and enabled. The camera device will automatically sync up with the sharing station using the local network.

Note: Only guests connected to the same network can access the Scanpix local network. We encourage the usage of your own router for local sharing so you do not depend on the event venue router, but you can use it also. Once you’ve finished the event, you can connect your camera device to a router with internet access, so it will upload files and send the sharing queue. 

Video tutorial for ‘Method 1’.