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Internet upload speed checker (essential)

Touchpix is a cloud-based app that does not necessarily require the internet to use the app at the event. You can use Scanpix, our internet-free sharing solution, or use Airdrop for iOS devices. However, in order to share the content directly using SMS, email, Whatsapp, or QR code, you will need to have an internet connection with a good upload speed.
We have an integrated speed tester to check your upload speed. Here is how you can do that in the Touchpix app:

  1. Open the Touchpix app.
  2. Tap on the upper left-side corner icon and tap on ‘Settings’.
  3. Use the top arrow keys to navigate to the ‘Sessions’ section.
  4. Toggle on the ‘Network Speed Test’ and wait for the results.

Note: While this toggle is on, you’ll be asked periodically to re-run a test to verify all is in order.

The recommended for, at least, an upload speed of 7 Mbps (megabits per second), minimum or higher. There will be a delay when you have low upload speeds. When you do not have an internet connection, SMS, Whatsapp, and emails will be put in a queue. That queue can be sent out when you have a better internet connection.