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GoPro issue, ‘There was an error loading the video from the GoPro’

There are different scenarios in which this alert message can show up. Some solutions are listed here:

  • Make sure there is an SD card in the GoPro.
  • Make sure your GoPro Date & Time is up-to-date (if the date is wrong Touchpix can struggle to retrieve the files).
  • When taking photos but the GoPro is not set to ‘Photo’ or ‘Burst’ photo modes but ‘Liveburst’.
  • When taking photos and your GoPro is brand new. You need to manually switch to the photo mode by sweeping the GoPro screen. Once you do so, accept the prompt on the GoPro and you’ll be able to automatically switch between video and photo modes from now on.
  • If using a GoPro 7 or lower, set the ‘Using a GoPro 7 or lower’ toggle off and establish a wireless connection using the ‘Connect to GoPro’ functionality. Then, turn the toggle on again.
  • If there is an SD card in the GoPro, format it by going to the preferences / Reset / Format SD.
  • Turn the iPad/iPhone and GoPro off. Remove the battery from the GoPro and put it back in. After that, turn both devices on and try to reconnect.
  • Reset network settings on iOS device: Settings / General / Transfer or reset iPhone/iPad / Reset / Reset network settings.
  • Reset the GoPro by going to Preferences / Reset / Factory reset.