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GoPro issue: not listed, ‘issue with the GoPro connection’ or ‘Unable to connect to the network “Name GoPro”‘

Sometimes the GoPro is not listed on the Touchpix ‘connect to GoPro’ menu. Some other times you’ll get a generic error or the ‘Unable to connect to the network’ error when connecting the GoPro. If reconnecting does not do the trick, there are different reasons for these errors to occur.

  • Verify if one of your devices is already connected to the GoPro via Bluetooth.
    Sometimes the GoPro automatically connects to your device or nearby devices wirelessly, so the GoPro can no longer be accessed. Common indicators for this behavior are the GoPro disappearing from the list or the GoPro screen displaying ‘Connection successful’ a few seconds after setting it into ‘GoPro Quik App’ connection mode.

    • Check if the ‘GoPro Quik’ app is open on your devices. If it is open, close it and retry the connection.
    • Check the device’s Bluetooth settings. If they are connected, turn off and then on the Bluetooth or remove the GoPro device from the Bluetooth devices list. Go to “iPhone settings / iPad settings / Bluetooth / Tap on the ‘i’ icon / Forget this device”.
  • Your device is not paired: Sometimes a manual pairing is needed. To do so, head to the ‘Connections’ menu and tap on ‘Connect device > GoPro Quik app’. Try connecting now.
  • If using a GoPro 8 and obtaining the ‘issue with the GoPro connection’, reset the GoPro presets (Preferences > Reset > Reset Presets). The GoPro 8 presets break when switching from animated GIF to slomo sessions.
  • When connecting wired to a GoPro:
    • The GoPro must show a ‘USB connected’ message on its screen. Otherwise, the GoPro is not ready for the wired connection and will retrieve an error. Remove the wire and plug it in again, wait until the message screen shows up.
    • When you’ve updated your GoPro firmware recently. Head to the ‘Connections’ menu, tap on ‘Reset connections’ and accept. Once you do so, return to the ‘Connections’ menu and enable the ‘Wireless connections’. Try connecting to Touchpix by selecting the Quik App mode. (detailed article here)
    • When it is already connected via Bluetooth (check the first troubleshooting scenario).
  • When mirroring a session on a TV; stop the mirroring to a TV screen. Connect the GoPro. After connecting the GoPro you can start the mirroring again.
  • When joining the GoPro in wireless mode but the wire is still connected to the GoPro will trigger this error. Remove the wire first, and try to connect wireless again.
  • When the wireless connection becomes weak; trying to join a weak GoPro wireless signal can trigger the error. Move closer to the GoPro to avoid this error.

For the last 3 scenarios, turn off the GoPro and remove the battery. Put it back in and turn the GoPro on and connect the GoPro.
If none of these suggestions solves the problem, reset the GoPro connections and try again. If not, reset the GoPro to default values (go to ‘Preferences / Reset / Factory reset’) or try the more drastic solutions we show below.

Less frequently required troubleshooting
  • Reinstall the Touchpix app. Be aware your pending sharings will be lost, therefore push the queue before running this step.
  • Reset network settings on the iPhone/iPad. In the iOS device go to ‘Settings / General / Transfer or Reset Settings / Reset / Reset network settings’. Be aware that this step will reset your network settings on all the devices with the same iCloud account, in other words, all the stored WiFi passwords will be reset.