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My overlay is not showing up on my end result

Here is how you can add the overlay to your event.

Add an overlay
  1. Open your Touchpix app.
  2. Tap on the upper left icon and note down the ‘XXXXXXX’ event number.
  3. Go to your account’s event page.
  4. Find the previous event code listed there.
  5. Tap the ‘overlays’ icon for that specific event.
  6. Your overlays should show on the screen.
  7. For overlays created with the old designer: Verify the ‘overlay type’ column matches the type of function it is supporting (e.g., for the slow-motion function, it needs to be a slow-motion overlay).
  8. For overlays created with the new designer: Verify that the preview images match the design you added to the event. If the preview image is correct, please, refresh your event in the Touchpix app to update your event settings.